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Whānau Information

To help our community stay in-the-know, we’ve provided this section with our latest updates, announcements and press coverage. Take a look below to discover what’s happening, and check back often for the latest news.


Teacher Only Day - School Closed

31st May 2024

Kings Birthday - School Closed

3rd June 2024

Matariki - School Closed

28th June 2024

End of Term Assembly

4th July 2024

End of Term

5th July 2024



Term 1

School starts

Tuesday 30 January 2024 to Friday 12 April 2024

(Tuesday 30th January School opens - Staff only days 25th & 26th January) 

(Public Holidays : Waitangi Day - Tuesday 6th February, and Easter Good Friday 29th March to Easter Tuesday 2 April included)

School Holidays: - Saturday 13 April 2024 to Sunday 28th April 2024

Term 2

Monday 29th April 2024 to Friday 5th July 2024 

(Public Holidays - Kings Birthday – Monday 3rd June, and Matariki  - Friday 28th June)

School holidays: - Saturday 6th July 2024 July to Sunday 21st July 2024

Term 3

Monday 22nd July 2024 to Friday 27th September 2024

(Public Holidays: None)

School Holidays - Saturday 28th September 2024 to Sunday 13th October 2024

Term 4

Monday 14th October 2024 to Friday 13th December 2024 

Public Holidays: Labor Day – Monday 28th October

School Holidays: Saturday 14 December 2024


December 15th 2023 to January 30th 2024

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